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Brown Saturday

October 30, 2019

Brown Saturday

Did you know that Thanksgiving and the following weekend are the busiest days of the year for plumbers? The Saturday following Thanksgiving has actually become known as ‘Brown Saturday’ because of the increase in plumbing issues, drain clogs and pipe back-ups.

This Thanksgiving, prevent clogging the drain in your kitchen by keeping the following Thanksgiving dinner items out of your drain:

Abstain from putting the above items down the drain to avoid having your own Brown Saturday, and a visit from a plumber! Click or on the image below to make it larger.

image of brown saturday

In addition to keeping the above items out of your kitchen drain and garbage disposal, be sure to follow these tips when operating your garbage disposal:

  1. Always run cold water and let it run for a few moments after your disposal is done and turned off
  2. Only put small pieces of food into the disposal. Big piece of turkey? Simply cut it up before you run it through.
  3. Continue to grind even after you think that all of the food has successfully run through. A couple of extra minutes of running the disposal will ensure everything made its way through.
  4. REMEMBER: when in doubt, throw it out!

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