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April 21, 2015


This Earth Day, the easiest place to make changes that will have a positive impact on the environment is at home. Here are some easy ways to go green while creating a healthier home for you and your family.

Going Green At Home Tips:image of earth day logo

1. Install a water filtration system.
Having a source of filtered water within your home will allow you to kick your disposable water bottle habit. This will allow you to cut down on waste and will ultimately save you money.

2. Start composting.
According to, composting can cut down on 30% of household waste. It is also a FREE and easy way to add nutrients to your garden and plants without the use of chemicals.

3. Kill those Vampires.
Unplugging energy vampires, otherwise known as unused electronics, can save you a hefty amount of money each month while cutting down on your carbon footprint. Popular energy vampires include: phone chargers, computers, and cable boxes.

4. Make the switch to LED lighting.
LED lighting offers an energy efficient way to light your home. reports that you will save $75/year by switching your home’s 5 most frequently used light bulbs over to LED.

5. Tune up your heating and cooling system.
Annual maintenance on your home’s heating system keeps it running more efficiently year round, cutting down on costs and lowering your carbon footprint. (book your a/c tune-up now, before the hot weather begins!)

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