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December 10, 2017

With all of the excitement of the holiday season comes winter’s colder temperatures. If you haven’t already, you will soon be turning your heat on…but does your current heating system effectively heat your entire home?

Many homes have areas that need supplemental or separate heat, like basement spaces that have been converted to rooms, newly built additions, bedrooms without heating vents, etc…And many families rely on space heaters to warm those spaces.

Heating With A Space Heater

Although convenient, heating with space heaters is not only inefficient, but space heaters can pose a serious threat to your home and family. As the Today Show reported earlier this year:

Millions of people use space heaters to keep warm in winter. But according to a new warning from the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters are a leading cause of house fires.

In fact, the NFPA study that the Today Show quoted states:

Space heaters are the type of heating equipment most often involved in home heating fires, figuring in two of every five of these fires and accounting for 84 percent of associated civilian deaths, 75 percent of civilian injuries, and 52 percent of direct property damage.

Heating With A Ductless Unit

We are happy to offer a quiet, energy efficient and safer alternative to heating with space heaters – ductless heating units! Better known for providing air conditioning, ductless units also offer heating to areas of your home that are not effectively reached by your current heating system, or rooms/living spaces without duct work.

Ductless units offer many benefits, including:

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