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Time To Turn Back The Clocks

November 1, 2017

It’s time to fall back! Don’t forget to set your clock back one hour before heading to bed tonight.

Turning back the clocks is also an important reminder to take care of some seasonal tasks around the house. Here’s a dozen small tasks that will make a big difference in your safety and comfort this winter:

1. Swap out the batteries in your home’s smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and flashlights. Be sure to test the detectors to make sure they are working properly, too!

2. And swap out the light bulbs that need to be replaced in your exterior lighting. The days are getting darker – be ready!

3. Restock your first aid kit. Need help replenishing your first aid supplies? Click here for a full guide on what you need and why.

4. Soak your shower head. Place a plastic baggie full of vinegar around your shower head(s) and let it soak 1 hour. Remove the baggie and scrub it down.

5. Change your filters. Your HVAC system filters should be changed 2-4 times a year for cleaner indoor air and more efficient home heating + cooling.

6. Book your home heating tune up. This is a must for safer, more dependable heat all winter long. AND – save on your tune up with the coupon below!

7. Clean up your yard. Pack up outdoor decor items and patio furniture, empty out any planters and rake up any leaves.

8. Winterize your exterior plumbing. Draining + winterizing your outdoor plumbing is an important task to take care of before freezing temps hit. Book a winterizing service with the coupon below + save!

9. Clean out your gutters. Yes, cleaning out your gutters can be a pain. But clean gutters help prevent damage during winter’s storms.

10. Clear your vents. It’s almost time to put the heat on (if you haven’t already!). Make sure that your home’s heating vents are free and clear to deliver air throughout your home.

11. Clean your oven. Remove the oven’s racks to wipe down separately, and run your oven on clean mode. Get it done now, before holiday cooking begins!

12. Scrub down the fridge. Throw away old food, organize the condiments and items that you are keeping, and wash all shelves and drawers.


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