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Don’t Rely On Luck To Keep You Home Running Smoothly

March 9, 2018

Don’t Rely On Luck To Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

There are a number of household tasks that are often overlooked, or constantly pushed out for another time. But, these tasks are important for the safety of your family and the upkeep of your home. And Springing Ahead is the perfect time to take care of these forgotten about chores. We have compiled a list of a dozen duties that will help you spring into the next season with ease…and without luck!
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Annual Home Tasks

Replace The Batteries
It’s the perfect time of year to replace the batteries and test all of your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Put Your Screens Back
It may be too cool today, but you’ll be opening your windows soon enough. Clean + reinstall your screens now!

Check The Date
Did you know that your fire extinguisher has an expiration date? They are good anywhere from 5-15 years.

Change Your Filters
Your HVAC system’s filters should be changed every 4 months for optimal system efficiency. (This service is included in our a/c tune up!)

Sweep The Chimney
Your home’s chimney has been working for months and is full of soot, creosote and fuel build up. Clean it for safe heating next season.

Remove The Lint
In addition to cleaning the lint trap in the dryer, the dryer’s external exhaust duct needs to be cleared out at least once a year.

Inspect The Kid’s Gear
Winter weather can take it’s toll on children’s swing sets + outdoor toys. Check them out before the nice weather + they begin to play.

April’s Showers
Spring’s rain is on the way. Inspect your home’s sump pump to make sure it is ready to work! (See the coupon below to save on a pro inspection!)

Prep Your Yard Tools
Dig out and clean off your yard tools – including your lawn mower & weed wacker – to get them ready for spring work.

Clean The Gutters
Your gutters are full of debris from the long winter. Clean them out now to ensure that they work to protect your home all year.

Look At The Walkway
Winter’s cold temps can wreak havoc on your home’s walkways, causing holes, cracks + complete breaks. Inspect + repair them now.

Restock First Aid Kits
Restore the stock of bandages, gauze pads, and dressings. Check the dates and replace expired ointments, creams and medications.

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