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Get Mom A Hands-Free Faucet

May 5, 2020

Get Mom A Hands-Free Faucet

This year, get mom a hands-free faucet! If you haven’t heard mom exclaim “wash your hands first!” during quarantine, or any other time, you must not be listening! ‘Clean hands for everyone’ is one of mom’s priorities in the kitchen and the bathroom, and we have a great gift idea to help her with her germ-fighting battle: the installation of a hands-free faucet!

Hands-free faucets aren’t just a chic addition to your home. They help reduce the spread of germs (no need to touch the faucet handle with dirty hands, wash your hands, and then re-touch that now-soiled faucet handle!) and offer a number of other benefits, including the following.

image of a hands-free faucet

5 Benefits of a Hands-Free Faucet

Germs Aren’t All Over The Handle
As mentioned above, dirty hands aren’t turning the faucet on, so germs aren’t spreading all over. Removing the step of shutting off the water by re-touching a potentially grimy handle makes washing your hands so much more effective.

They Conserve Water
A hands-free faucet turns on when your hands are under the faucet and then immediately shuts off when you are done. Water-waste is eliminated, which is especially helpful in a house with smaller children.

Pre-set Water Temperatures Provide Comfort At Every Use
Everyone has placed their hands under a faucet and felt the discomfort of really cold or really hot water. With a hands-free faucet, you can pre-set the water’s temperature so that each hand washing experience is perfectly comfortable and safe for everyone in your household. This is a great safety feature for young children and older family members.

Cooking Is Easier
Dealing with raw chicken, spicy sauces and other contaminants when food-prepping is so much easier with a touch-free faucet. Hands and cooking utensils can be cleaned with ease, and you can rest-assured that your faucet handle has not been befouled with bacteria.

Cleaning Is Easier, Too
Let’s face it, your kitchen and bathroom faucets need a good amount of cleaning. Removing germs and shining up hand-touching tarnishes is a daily task. But, by removing the need for on-and-off contact, your faucet will stay cleaner for longer.

This year, gift mom with a timely and useful gift – the installation of a hands-free faucet! Contact us to set up an estimate or installation today!

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