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Frozen Pipe Prevention

February 1, 2019

Frozen Pipe Prevention

The extreme cold has caused frozen pipes across our region of Maryland. If you are one of the homes with frozen pipes, be sure to locate your main shut off valve immediately. Frozen pipes may not start to leak instantly, but they can start to at any point. Knowing where your main shut off valve is in case of a sudden leak can save you from thousands of dollars of damage.

image of frozen pipes

Not sure where your shut off valve is? Call us now. We’ll send out a plumber to show you where the valve is and how to turn it off if needed. Knowing where your mail shut off valve is located is important. In the case of frozen pipes, a burst pipe, or a major leak it can save your home from structural damage and your valuables from being drenched and ruined.

How Can You Prevent Frozen Pipes?

When the temperatures are this cold, preventing frozen pipes becomes more of a challenge. Here are a few ways to help ensure that your home’s pipes don’t freeze:

  1. Leave cabinet doors open in your kitchen and bathroom. This will help the heat get closer to your pipes, warming them up.
  2. Let warm water drip from faucets. A steady stream of warm water dripping from your sink faucets will keep water moving, reducing the risk of pipes freezing.
  3. Turn the temperature up. Keep your home’s temperature warmer than usual throughout the day and night. This will help keep all elements of your home warm and safe from freezing.

Give our professional plumbers a call at the first sign of pipe issues. We are ready when you need us most!

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