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How To Change Your HVAC System’s Filter

July 31, 2013

Changing your home’s HVAC system’s filter is highly recommended – it keeps your air clean while optimizing your central air system’s performance. At Shipley, we recommend changing out the filters every couple of months. While we do perform this service for our customers, here are the basic steps if you would like to change the filter yourself (remember, if you are not comfortable call a professional!):

1.  Purchase a brand new filter

Filters can be found at pretty much every home improvement store – double check your system’s make and model to ensure you pick up the proper filter.

2. Shut your HVAC unit down

Be safe! Make sure that all power to the unit is turned off.

3. Locate the filter

If you have trouble locating the system’s filter the manual should have a diagram that points it out.

4. Slide the old filter out

When removing the old HVAC filter be careful – it can be covered with dust, dirt and debris!

5. Slide the new filter in

It’s that easy! Just put the new filter into the slot.

6. Turn your HVAC system’s power back on

If you do run into any problems during the process give us a call – our technicians are on call 24/7 to help you out!



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